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Welcome to Mutao, a leader in innovative waste management solutions. We specialize in sludge paddle dryers and screw press dewatering systems, designed to optimize efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Our cutting-edge equipment ensures reliable sludge treatment for various industries, including fish processing, food and beverage, chemical, municipal wastewater treatment, and tannery sludge. At Mutao, we are committed to sustainability and exceptional service, helping clients achieve their waste management goals. Join us in creating a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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Sludge Intake

Sludge is fed into the screw press from the sludge storage tank.


If required, a flocculant is added to the sludge to improve the dewatering efficiency. This step is performed in a separate flocculation tank where the sludge and flocculant are mixed.

Conveying and Compression

The rotating screw conveys the sludge through the press, applying increasing pressure to squeeze out water.

Filtrate Collection

Water extracted from the sludge (filtrate) is collected and directed to a filtrate tank or returned to the wastewater treatment process.

Solids Discharge

The dewatered sludge (cake) is discharged from the end of the screw press. The solids content of the cake is significantly higher than the input sludge.

Screw Press Sludge Dewatering Flow Chart
Screw Press Sludge Dewatering Application

Textile Industry

Benefits: Reduces sludge volume, ensures compliance with regulations.

Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals

Benefits: Safely disposes of chemical-laden sludge, lowers disposal costs.

Tannery Industry

Benefits: Manages sludge from leather processing, reduces volume and disposal costs, ensures compliance with environmental standards.

Bioenergy Production

Benefits: Converts sludge into renewable energy, supports waste-to-energy projects.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Benefits: Reduces sludge volume, produces manageable end product, meets environmental regulations.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industries: Food and beverage, pulp and paper, textiles, chemicals.

Benefits: Lowers disposal costs, enhances wastewater management.

Food Processing Industry

Benefits: Manages food waste efficiently, repurposes solids for animal feed or bioenergy.

Paper and Pulp Industry

Benefits: Reduces sludge volume, repurposes dried sludge for fuel or recycling.

Mining and Mineral Processing

Benefits: Maximizes resource recovery, reduces waste volume.



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